Ngaphaya Y2K10 ('Beyond 2010') was established in 2008 by Jennifer Classen, an entrepreneur with diverse experience in supply chain management and procurement processes. Her vision was to provide professional, cost-effective and transparent procurement services in the period leading up to, and beyond, the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Nearly a decade later, Ngaphaya Y2K10 has established itself as a leading, Black-empowered supplier of a wide range of industrial equipment and machinery, tools, chemicals and many other products. Our capabilities have grown to include import and export of specialised and bespoke products, and we are proud of our preferred-stockist status for some of the world's leading brands, as well as our QMS Certification (which is  ISO 9000 compliant).


Our Operating Philosophy

We have a Vision to be the supplier of choice in our chosen field, and to add to the growth of the South African economy. For us, success means so much more than just financial reward; as a woman-owned and managed company, our business is built on the principles of creating opportunities for other women through skills-transfer, sustainable employment and genuine empowerment.


Why Choose Us?

We are proud of our growth, and the fact that we are increasingly seen as the supplier of choice by our clients, but as our name suggests we are also conscious of the need to keep moving forward, innovating and evolving.

Our company meets all necessary criteria in terms of BEE status, accreditation and compliance, but more than this it is built upon the following fundamental values:

  • Integrity in all we do
  • Fast, efficient and reliable delivery
  • Quality of Service and People
  • Humanity
  • Pride and Passion
  • Sustainability

Our company is built upon fundamental values whilst it meets all necessary criteria in terms of BEE, ISO9001: 2015, SAHPRA and other accreditation and certification.

Vision: To be a community leader, by setting the example in being the Sourcing and Procurement Partner of Choice

Mission: Ngaphaya Y2K10’s mission is to help our clients achieve their supply chain mandate and targets.

Purpose: Our purpose is to empower our community to embody the integrity, humility and compassion that it takes to rebuild a nation by serving with pride, educating with passion and continuously striving for improvement wherever possible. It is our responsibility to show that dreams can be attained and when held accountable for our own actions, we can achieve anything.

What: For companies whose success of the supply chain is critical to their operations.

Why: We pride ourselves with: on-time deliveries; the correct product to customer specification and superior customer service.

Our Recent Clients